Lineage and proof of origin – it’s an Irish joke.

December 08, 2013

For many years at Duroc we have been celebrating the lineage and fine breeding lines of our duroc pigs.  We have been able to guarantee all our valued customers that when you buy Duroc pork, you know exactly what you are buying. Outstanding taste, tenderness and succulence, because our pork is guaranteed better red, better bred and better fed. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said everywhere.  Illustrating just how important this has become, a recent study undertaken in Ireland by the Irish Farmers Association has produced  some alarming results.  The study has shocked consumers, farmers and government officials with results showing that of all pig products on the shelves claiming to be of Irish origin only 48%  actually were.  That’s right, more than 50% were of entirely different origin.

So, as the customer tucked into their lovely piece of “home grown” pork steak, they were totally oblivious, that their pork was potentially, anything but local.  Indeed it could owe its murky origin to any number of dingy, poorly worked east European farmsteads.

At Duroc, lineage and proof of origin is something we guarantee.  We are proud of our duroc pigs, we are proud they are locally farmed and we are proud that the taste is second to none. Make sure you look for the label.